Diamond Physicians revolutionary healthcare delivery model removes insurance and price fixing from the equation. Simplifying primary care lowers costs and dramatically improves the patient experience. Enjoy direct access to your doctor for less than a cup of coffee a day.

Don’t be a Pawn in the Insurance Game.

The Future of Primary Care has Arrived

Welcome to the future of primary care! At Diamond Physicians, we do things differently. Our goal is to attract and retain members, not perform procedures and bill insurance for tests you don’t need. Click below and learn why direct primary care is better for patients, doctors, and the entire healthcare system.

Your Secure Access to Us 24×7

We leverage technology to streamline your primary care experience and deliver services in the most efficient manner on our HIPAA secure platform.

Access your board-certified doctor 24/7
Talk to Your Private Doctor
Learn how partnering with us can
lower your healthcare spend and improve your employees’ productivity
Communicate with your patients with ease and add significant revenue to your practice

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