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We at Diamond Physicians are proud to offer concierge medical services to individuals living in Frisco, TX. Our proactive approach to medicine has allowed us to provide medical attention of the highest and most personalized quality. If you would like to experience our revolutionary membership-based healthcare services, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more. We are proud to have been featured on the front page of Modern Luxury and Dallas Morning News.



  • “Wonderful!”

    “In the last week I have had my first experience as a Diamond member (Frisco location) and I am very pleased. Doctors are usually "hurry up and wait" from the waiting room to the exam room to the lab - rush, wait, rush, wait. I am so used to being rushed at a doctor's office that I think it will actually take a few visits at Diamond until I have acclimated to their friendly, laid back and quiet office. Last week Dr. Chowdhury sat me down at a real table (no sitting on crunchy paper!) and asked for a thorough health history and get this - she remembered what I said from the beginning of the meeting to the end! She asked for my commitment to make positive changes in my health and pledged her commitment to work with me to make it happen. To me, this moment stood out as a testament to her style as a Physician. She let me know she prefers text messages on the evenings and weekends and that the staff will give me a card with all of her contact details.
    I started the process by getting the recommended blood draw today. They opened the office 30 minutes early to accommodate my schedule and Mauro and Nicole took the time to get to talk to me like a human being and get to know me. I even stayed after my blood was taken just chat with Mauro and hear about his experiences as an EMT. Nicole noticed I had a haircut since last week. This doesn't seem like much, but if you've been to the doctors I have been to...you know why this is extraordinary.
    My membership is pretty affordable and I have real peace of mind knowing I have urgent care style services available to me 24/7 and that they will do a full blood work up and physical on me immediately (with appointments that don't take 6 weeks to come around!).
    Looking forward to seeing how this quality of care continues as Dr. Chowdhury and I create a plan to get me healthier. ”

    - Allison Lantz

  • “You're the best!”

    “I just want to take the time to say thank you to Dr. Chowdhury and her staff for taking care of me. I just signed up last week and was going through an emergency a few days ago when I contacted the office, told my symptoms to Nicole the office coordinator, and she immediately got me in to see the doctor. As soon as I walk in, I'm greeted by Nicole and offered a beverage. Less than two minutes later, Mauro (the office manager) greeted me and brought me back to get my health stats, all while genuinely asking how I'm feeling and if I need a blanket. Shortly after (about five minutes), Dr. Chowdhury opened the door and greeted me cheerfully. She sat down with me and went over my medical history for about 30 mins, then ran a couple of in-office tests. She then was able to diagnose me and give me a script for my condition. As I walked out, I handed Nicole my credit card for today's charges, when she relayed that everything is covered with the membership and I DO NOT OWE ANYTHING! What a wonderful thing to hear. Thanks again for treating me, Dr. Chowdhury! You're the best!”

    - Steph B

  • “Excellent overall experience!”

    “Excellent overall experience with Dr. Chowdhury and Team. Love the convenience, personal touch, and the willingness to spend time with the patients and focus on the overall health of each person. ”

    - Bud Terrell

  • “Amazing Staff!”

    “Dr. Chowdurry and staff are amazing at what they do-from the front desk to the backroom! I virtually have zero wait time, ease of scheduling and sometimes even in the same day! Diamond Physicians is a God send for me! ”

    - Chelsea Givings


Our new delivery model had Frisco community hooked for the last two years. Our members appreciate the comprehensive care only the low ratio of member: physician can afford. We provide care from your standard primary care items to more progressive care such as genetic based treatment plan, sports medicine, hormone therapy, anti-aging, chronic disease management, weight management and acute care including IV drip after hangover. If you would like to know more about our model, here is the explanation in our own Dr. Hurt's words

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