I am on the road to better health!

    I visited in September and I got the red carpet treatment - the Doctors really took their time with me and gave me exceptional advise and physical and results were quick and now I am on the road to better health!

    Never has going to the doctor been so pleasant and painless.

    Excellent care, above and beyond to say the least. Never has going to the doctor been so pleasant and painless. These doctors take the time to really make sure nothing is missed, and everything is understood between patient and physician. I signed up for the Diamond 180, and look forward to getting my results.

    The staff is very courteous and even fun!

    One of the easiest doctor visit experiences I've had. The staff is very courteous and even fun! They make each patient feel like they have their own personal physician.

    Great initiative!

    Great initiative, I am impressed. Keep up the good work.


    The whole Diamond Physicians team has been wonderful to work with!

    Diamond Physicians is the future of superior healthcare!

    Dr. Lyssy is amazing! We never wait, even when my six year old is sick early Sunday morning. Diamond Physicians is the future of superior healthcare!

    The care can't be compared!

    The staff and doctors are awesome. The care can't be compared!

    Best Decision.

    Going with Diamond Physicians was the best decision we've ever made.

    He is very knowledgeable in his field and I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

    5 stars for Dr. James. He is one of the best doctors I have come across with such pleasant bedside manner. He is very knowledgeable in his field and I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

    State of the art!

    I am so pleased and impressed with the quality of service, individual care and attention that the physicians and staff at Diamond Physicians has given me and my family. They are state of the art with that old time personal touch of being there to receive calls from patients and getting back to them fast.

    Such a wonderful resource!

    Diamond Physicians and +Anthony Lyssy are such a wonderful resource! Their dedication to convenient and quality patient care is such a valuable asset to the Dallas market.

    Diamond Physicians sets the healthcare standard!

    Dr. James and Dr. Lyssy are a pleasure to work with. When I walk in I'm treated like family instead of just another patient. They are constantly working to provide the best healthcare possible from every angle of my life (mental health, nutrition, and lifestyle choices). Diamond Physicians sets the healthcare standard that every physician should emulate.

    Diamond is truly an exceptional healthcare concept!

    Diamond is truly an exceptional healthcare concept! My husband and two toddlers have been going to Dr. Lyssy since Nov. 2013. I can't imagine life without such professional, convenient, proactive and preventive care as we receive with the entire Diamond team. We no longer wait hours/days to get into our pediatrician or primary care doctors. Dr. Lyssy is always available to see our kids when they're sick and the office wait time is always ZERO. The level of professional and knowledgeable care he has provided on my health as well has been unprecedented. You arrive to be offered with your choice of organic juice, coffee, or water. Test results are reviewed on a digital screen with as much time as you need to discuss your health. It is truly a luxurious medical experience, with affordable pricing. I would strongly recommend Diamond Luxury Healthcare to anyone.

    Unmatched client service!

    Diamond Physicians combines a superior business model with unmatched client service that makes for an overall great experience for their patients. I couldn't be more pleased with the value.

    Professional, thorough, readily available and personable.

    Professional, thorough, readily available and personable. I'm glad they opened their doors for business. I look forward to being cared for and guided for many years to come.

    I texted my symptoms to Dr. James and I got a call back from him immediately!

    It's very rare that I get extremely sick and this past week was one of those times. After 3 days of just not getting better, I texted my symptoms to Dr. James and I got a call back from him immediately. He explained what was going on and gave me over the counter recommendations and said if I didn't feel better by Monday to come in. Well, I followed his directions to a T and I feel so much better now and I just wished I had contacted Dr. James much sooner. The days of me going to a Primacare are now behind me. I love this personalize service and love Dr. James! If you're not a member, sign-up today.

    Dr. James and Diamond Physicians put my wife and me at ease and have truly been a blessing to my family.

    My 7 month old son has a condition that he has been dealing with since birth. I was told by another physician that the condition could correct itself within 6 months. The condition did not self-correct and surgery was recommended. I was extremely nervous and uneasy about the idea of moving forward with surgery on my baby boy, but Dr. James and Diamond Physicians put my wife and me at ease and have truly been a blessing to my family.

    It's such a great experience to walk into my doctor's office!

    I have finally found a doctor that listens to my health concerns and is actively working with me to find solutions. It's such a great experience to walk into my doctor's office - Diamond Physicians - and feel like a *person* instead of a cog in a wheel. Thank you Dr. James!


    I can't say enough good things about Diamond Physicians. The doctors there are top-notch and practice medicine the way it should be practiced…with skill, patience (pardon the pun), and lots of personal attention. We work with Dr. Lyssy and have been nothing but impressed from Day 1. First, contacting him is easier and more pleasant than other doctors and clinics I've had the misfortune of working with in the past. You can text or call his cel phone at anytime…and HE ANSWERS!!! There's no "dial 3…dial 4…then leave a message and someone will get back to you". He responds immediately. Second, he takes great interest in the health and well-being of his patients. He'll take as much time as needed to make sure he fully understands your needs and explains his thoughts in non-medical speak. In other words, he speaks REAL English. Third, he's just a plain nice guy. The kind of person that we wish all doctors could be. He has small children (like us) and can relate to the issues we face as parents. In summary, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND Diamond Physicians to anyone that wants good service and doesn't want to be treated like a number on a doctor's chart.

    I wish we would have joined long before!

    The type of relationship everyone should have with their primary care physician. My fiancé and I joined to Diamond Physicians a couple months ago and I wish we would have joined long before. Having a physician that will take the time to sit down get to know you, your goals, challenges and put a thorough plan in place is invaluable.

    The future of healthcare is finally here!

    Diamond Physicians is an amazing organization! I love the quality of care each visit. I've called and texted my Dr's mobile and have gotten fast and accurate responses. I'm glad the future of healthcare is finally here!

    Health care the way it should be practiced!

    Diamond Physicians is a great organization that offers health care the way it should be practiced. Their care model offers peace of mind to all patients suffering from treatable and chronic medical conditions. Diamond is the place for you if you are looking for a practice that offers a patient–centered medical home, comprehensive medical care at an affordable price, and easy access. Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James are both highly skilled physicians who focus on preventive care and healthy living.


    In the last week I have had my first experience as a Diamond member (Frisco location) and I am very pleased. Doctors are usually "hurry up and wait" from the waiting room to the exam room to the lab - rush, wait, rush, wait. I am so used to being rushed at a doctor's office that I think it will actually take a few visits at Diamond until I have acclimated to their friendly, laid back and quiet office. Last week Dr. Chowdhury sat me down at a real table (no sitting on crunchy paper!) and asked for a thorough health history and get this - she remembered what I said from the beginning of the meeting to the end! She asked for my commitment to make positive changes in my health and pledged her commitment to work with me to make it happen. To me, this moment stood out as a testament to her style as a Physician. She let me know she prefers text messages on the evenings and weekends and that the staff will give me a card with all of her contact details.
    I started the process by getting the recommended blood draw today. They opened the office 30 minutes early to accommodate my schedule and Mauro and Nicole took the time to get to talk to me like a human being and get to know me. I even stayed after my blood was taken just chat with Mauro and hear about his experiences as an EMT. Nicole noticed I had a haircut since last week. This doesn't seem like much, but if you've been to the doctors I have been to...you know why this is extraordinary.
    My membership is pretty affordable and I have real peace of mind knowing I have urgent care style services available to me 24/7 and that they will do a full blood work up and physical on me immediately (with appointments that don't take 6 weeks to come around!).
    Looking forward to seeing how this quality of care continues as Dr. Chowdhury and I create a plan to get me healthier.

    You're the best!

    I just want to take the time to say thank you to Dr. Chowdhury and her staff for taking care of me. I just signed up last week and was going through an emergency a few days ago when I contacted the office, told my symptoms to Nicole the office coordinator, and she immediately got me in to see the doctor. As soon as I walk in, I'm greeted by Nicole and offered a beverage. Less than two minutes later, Mauro (the office manager) greeted me and brought me back to get my health stats, all while genuinely asking how I'm feeling and if I need a blanket. Shortly after (about five minutes), Dr. Chowdhury opened the door and greeted me cheerfully. She sat down with me and went over my medical history for about 30 mins, then ran a couple of in-office tests. She then was able to diagnose me and give me a script for my condition. As I walked out, I handed Nicole my credit card for today's charges, when she relayed that everything is covered with the membership and I DO NOT OWE ANYTHING! What a wonderful thing to hear. Thanks again for treating me, Dr. Chowdhury! You're the best!

    Excellent overall experience!

    Excellent overall experience with Dr. Chowdhury and Team. Love the convenience, personal touch, and the willingness to spend time with the patients and focus on the overall health of each person.

    Amazing Staff!

    Dr. Chowdurry and staff are amazing at what they do-from the front desk to the backroom! I virtually have zero wait time, ease of scheduling and sometimes even in the same day! Diamond Physicians is a God send for me!