Diamond Solutions Business Plan

Diamond Solutions

Diamond Solutions offers primary healthcare to employers without the rising costs and hassle of our traditional insurance model. By purchasing primary care through Diamond, employers eliminate industry mark ups reaching the true cost of care. Secure quality healthcare 24 hours a day plus unlimited urgent care for your employees while attracting and retaining the best talent simultaneously with a Diamond Solutions Business Plan today!

How Corporate Direct Medicine Works

Firms who provide valuable medical services, promote preventative action, and create an effective alliance with a primary care provider cultivate a healthier work force. Typically insurance costs are fixed for the employer so that insurance companies benefit from reduced healthcare spending. When an employer transitions to a partially or fully self- insured plan, they are responsible for every healthcare dollar spent. Diamond helps employers control spending and reduce individual healthcare risk, ultimately saving employers tens of thousands of dollars at the same time delivering concierge medical care to all employees 24 hours a day.

The Healthcare

The Diamond Solutions Plan provides members with access to personalized medical services at a discounted monthly or annual fee. This fixed cost regardless of age or pre- existing health conditions saves an average of 25-30% on bottom line health expenses for employers. Under Diamond’s care, clients have access to extended visits with board certified physicians 24 hours a day, advanced technology and screenings, plus unlimited urgent care. Diamond negotiates the lowest rate possible on ancillary services such as labs, imaging, and diagnostic testing. Instead of paying $4,000 for a MRI, your firm pays $400. Cholesterol checks are $4 instead of $125. We offer mobile imaging that can be sent to your office or an employees’ home at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit. Care that is not accommodated in-house, such as surgical procedures or cancer treatment, will be referred within a network of skilled specialists and covered under catastrophic insurance coverage. Employees are offered access to their primary care physician 24 hours a day by phone or e-mail, unlimited visits, and all medically necessary treatments with no hidden charges.

Company Benefits

By eliminating insurance for the routine daily maintenance of health, your Diamond primary care physicians focus on prevention rather than volume. Employees now seek primary and preventative care in a timely fashion without worrying about financial obstacles. Hours spent away from the office for medical issues and sick leave decrease dramatically. The Diamond Solutions Plan is founded upon cost-effective, quality care and promoting healthy behaviors that decrease overall healthcare costs to employers and employees alike. By aligning with Diamond, we can help your company improve employees’ health and wellness while reducing the inflationary costs of insurance and healthcare.

Executive Physical Program

The Diamond 360 Advanced Physical Exam is the true gold standard for cardiovascular risk assessment. Our technologically advanced evidence based method to detect, prevent, and reverse cardiovascular disease is revolutionary. If your goal is to attract and retain the best talent, or protect key executives from the stress and daily rigors of the corporate world, our Diamond 360 Program is the perfect investment. To learn more, fill out the contact form below or call 214-395-3491.

Healthcare Cost Comparison

  • Traditional Medicine
  • Diamond Care
    • Average ER Visit
    • $1,800
    • included
    • Urgent Care Visit
    • $400
    • included
    • HgbA1c (Diabetes)
    • $84
    • $6
    • Cholesterol Panel
    • $128
    • $4
    • MRI
    • $4,000
    • $400
    • XRAY
    • $500
    • $60
    • Copay
    • $40
    • $0

Providing Exponentially Greater Care to Our Patients

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What is Direct Medicine

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  • “Best Decision.”

    “Going with Diamond Physicians was the best decision we've ever made.”

    - Sandra Evans

  • “It's such a great experience to walk into my doctor's office!”

    “I have finally found a doctor that listens to my health concerns and is actively working with me to find solutions. It's such a great experience to walk into my doctor's office - Diamond Physicians - and feel like a *person* instead of a cog in a wheel. Thank you Dr. James!”

    - Metsy Corter

  • “I am on the road to better health!”

    “I visited in September and I got the red carpet treatment - the Doctors really took their time with me and gave me exceptional advise and physical and results were quick and now I am on the road to better health!”

    - JoElla E Pinckney

  • “State of the art!”

    “I am so pleased and impressed with the quality of service, individual care and attention that the physicians and staff at Diamond Physicians has given me and my family. They are state of the art with that old time personal touch of being there to receive calls from patients and getting back to them ...”

    - Bob Consor

  • “Great initiative!”

    “Great initiative, I am impressed. Keep up the good work.”

    - S Steve Samudrala

  • “The staff is very courteous and even fun!”

    “One of the easiest doctor visit experiences I've had. The staff is very courteous and even fun! They make each patient feel like they have their own personal physician.”

    - Adam Frame

  • “He is very knowledgeable in his field and I would recommend him to all my friends and family.”

    “5 stars for Dr. James. He is one of the best doctors I have come across with such pleasant bedside manner. He is very knowledgeable in his field and I would recommend him to all my friends and family.”

    - Christina K.

  • “Never has going to the doctor been so pleasant and painless.”

    “Excellent care, above and beyond to say the least. Never has going to the doctor been so pleasant and painless. These doctors take the time to really make sure nothing is missed, and everything is understood between patient and physician. I signed up for the Diamond 180, and look forward to getting ...”

    - Jay Bird

  • “Such a wonderful resource!”

    “Diamond Physicians and +Anthony Lyssy are such a wonderful resource! Their dedication to convenient and quality patient care is such a valuable asset to the Dallas market.”

    - Rachel Luetkemeyer

  • “Diamond Physicians is the future of superior healthcare!”

    “Dr. Lyssy is amazing! We never wait, even when my six year old is sick early Sunday morning. Diamond Physicians is the future of superior healthcare!”

    - Nichole Gue

  • “Diamond Physicians sets the healthcare standard!”

    “Dr. James and Dr. Lyssy are a pleasure to work with. When I walk in I'm treated like family instead of just another patient. They are constantly working to provide the best healthcare possible from every angle of my life (mental health, nutrition, and lifestyle choices). Diamond Physicians sets the ...”

    - Jeremy Miller

  • “Professional, thorough, readily available and personable.”

    “Professional, thorough, readily available and personable. I'm glad they opened their doors for business. I look forward to being cared for and guided for many years to come.”

    - Keith Callahan

  • “Wonderful!”

    “The whole Diamond Physicians team has been wonderful to work with!”

    - Erica Cupaioli

  • “I wish we would have joined long before!”

    “The type of relationship everyone should have with their primary care physician. My fiancé and I joined to Diamond Physicians a couple months ago and I wish we would have joined long before. Having a physician that will take the time to sit down get to know you, your goals, challenges and put a ...”

    - Sam Anderson

  • “Health care the way it should be practiced!”

    “Diamond Physicians is a great organization that offers health care the way it should be practiced. Their care model offers peace of mind to all patients suffering from treatable and chronic medical conditions. Diamond is the place for you if you are looking for a practice that offers a ...”

    - Kern Creevey

  • “Dr. James and Diamond Physicians put my wife and me at ease and have truly been a blessing to my family.”

    “My 7 month old son has a condition that he has been dealing with since birth. I was told by another physician that the condition could correct itself within 6 months. The condition did not self-correct and surgery was recommended. I was extremely nervous and uneasy about the idea of moving forward ...”

    - Peter J. Pinckney

  • “The care can't be compared!”

    “The staff and doctors are awesome. The care can't be compared!”

    - Heidi Smith

  • “Unmatched client service!”

    “Diamond Physicians combines a superior business model with unmatched client service that makes for an overall great experience for their patients. I couldn't be more pleased with the value.”

    - Zachary Carroll

  • “The future of healthcare is finally here!”

    “Diamond Physicians is an amazing organization! I love the quality of care each visit. I've called and texted my Dr's mobile and have gotten fast and accurate responses. I'm glad the future of healthcare is finally here!”

    - Darrel Haswell

  • “I texted my symptoms to Dr. James and I got a call back from him immediately!”

    “It's very rare that I get extremely sick and this past week was one of those times. After 3 days of just not getting better, I texted my symptoms to Dr. James and I got a call back from him immediately. He explained what was going on and gave me over the counter recommendations and said if I didn't ...”

    - Sandra Evans


    “I can't say enough good things about Diamond Physicians. The doctors there are top-notch and practice medicine the way it should be practiced…with skill, patience (pardon the pun), and lots of personal attention. We work with Dr. Lyssy and have been nothing but impressed from Day 1. First, ...”

    - David O'Brien

  • “Diamond is truly an exceptional healthcare concept!”

    “Diamond is truly an exceptional healthcare concept! My husband and two toddlers have been going to Dr. Lyssy since Nov. 2013. I can't imagine life without such professional, convenient, proactive and preventive care as we receive with the entire Diamond team. We no longer wait hours/days to get into ...”

    - Liza Schlitt