The initial franchise fee is $50,000. This is reduced to $25,000 for an existing medical practice being converted to a Diamond facility.
The Franchise Agreement is ten years, and it also allows for 2 ten-year renewals.
You need to have certain skills to invest in a Diamond Physician’s franchise, and those skills are often born of experience, but we don’t require a specific background. We welcome physician franchisees, but we do not require any medical experience to own a Diamond Physician’s franchise.
We do not currently offer in-house financing, but we do have third-party options available.
Franchisors are legally limited on what types of potentials they can disclose. If a franchisor choses to disclose any historical or projected revenues, those must be contained in Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. We do disclose historical earnings, so once you reach the proper point in our evaluation process those numbers will be provided.
A successful Diamond Physician’s franchise will have a Business Manager, an Office Manager, and one or more physicians. Some of these positions may be held by the same person. Diamond provides an extensive training program, which is segmented into these roles, so the right individuals are getting the right training. Initial training is in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Area for 5-6 days, and then at least one day of follow up training is done at your location.
The primary fees a Diamond Physician’s franchisee pays to us are a Royalty of 8% and a marketing fee of 2%. For a complete list and explanation of fees, be sure to review our Franchise Disclosure Document.
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