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There are approximately 318 million people in the United States. As this figure grows and annual healthcare spending continues to occupy a larger percentage of GDP, an increasing number of physicians will be needed to quell this demand. The Affordable Care Act has compounded the effect, adding 7 million new ACA enrollees, 2 million of which were previously uninsured. Now, approximately 9 additional patients have been added per primary care physician, pushing the average wait time past 45 days. To service the entire population, there are only 210,000 active primary care physicians practicing in the U.S., with a projected shortage estimate of 46,000 to 90,000 physicians by 2025.

Between the ballooning number of health care recipients and the dearth of qualified physicians, access to quality medical care is only going to get worse. Concierge medicine guarantees access to a physician on the patients’ terms.
That is what we provide.

Create a Successful Franchise With Training & Support.

Diamond Physicians has a world-class comprehensive initial training program to instruct you on how to run the business, and an ongoing training program to ensure you are executing the model. Diamond also provides you access to reference materials that are updated on an ongoing basis to assist you in addressing and dealing with any challenges you may encounter while you are running your business.

What you get with our proprietary virtual operations manual:

  • Systematically describes everything you do at Diamond Physicians
  • Policies, systems, and procedure to successfully run your franchise
  • You will be able to plug in anywhere, and at any time
  • Great training tools for acquiring and adding on new personnel

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Diamond Physicians Franchisee?

  • Bypass the growing pains and learning curve
  • Go straight into developing your practice
  • Hit the ground running with a proven system
  • No ICD-10 headaches
  • No insurance paperwork to deal with
  • You can let us deal with the business practice

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Are you ready to learn more about joining the Diamond Physicians family? If so, we encourage you to give us a call today. We plan on opening offices across Texas, as well as from coast to coast, so don’t wait to learn more about our franchise opportunities. We currently have franchise locations in Frisco and Dallas – call now to learn more about bringing Diamond Physicians to your community.

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