We Are Proactive, we don’t wait for you to get sick

We Are Preventative, by reducing your risk for chronic disease

We Are Patient Centered, our clients are always our top priority

We Are Personalized, no cookie-cutter treatment plans here

We are Prepared, to go above and beyond the standard of care


Our Doctors Proved Affordable Concierge Healthcare Services

At Diamond Physicians, we believe that all individuals should have access to high-quality and personalized healthcare. But when one steps into a traditional waiting room or hospital setting, the opposite is usually found: long waiting lines, limited face-to-face time with a physician, referral hassles, and limited availability. Our patients are exposed to a completely different experience at Diamond. Traditional insurance doctors see about 3000 patients—our doctors see no more than 600 patients. This limit allows us to provide high quality, personalized health care. The patient experience is extremely important to us.


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