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Our mission is to completely change the way we utilize health insurance in America while providing better access to exponentially better medical care. Insurance should be used for catastrophes only, things that cost thousands of dollars like surgery or cancer treatment. When you remove insurance from the primary care equation, you lower costs, align incentives, and improves access.

We Are Healthcare not Sick-care

Reactive means you wait until you are sick, then you go see a doctor. Preventative medicine takes a back seat to writing a prescription that simply masks the problem. Diamond’s philosophy is proactive, to discover elements that could lead to heart, kidney, lung disease, and cancer before they manifest.

We Align Incentives

Diamond does not make money by billing insurance companies for procedures like traditional insurance doctors and hospitals. Patients become a commodity instead of a valued consumer. We focus on our members and create innovation that improves their quality of life. Superior medical care paired with an exceptional experience crates customer loyalty and makes our membership model successful.

We Lower Cost

Traditional docs spend 60 cents on every dollar generated processing insurance claims. By removing insurance from primary care, directly contracting with our members and medical ancillaries, we can offer affordable healthcare to patients and if scaled across the country – reduce our countries 3.2 trillion dollar healthcare spend by 30%.

We Improve Access

Traditional Primary care is in the dark ages compared to other industries. We leverage technology to allow our members to communicate securely text, video chat, or phone call – eliminating all barriers to care. You don’t even have to be in the same city as your doctor to receive world class primary care.

Why are we the right choice?

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